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About Us


AVP is a new, unique concept. Some schools don't have AV programs yet. Other schools like to focus on specific parts of media production, like Broadcast Journalism or Film.

At Consol, we want to give Tigers a taste of everything. Students enter the program with a passion and walk out having filmed livestreams, short films, commercials, music videos, and made podcasts and radio programs too. 

Technology is constantly evolving. Multimedia projects—everything from podcasts to movies—are breaking boundaries in the way they tell stories and share experiences.


In AVP, we try to harness the rapidly changing world of video/audio art by putting creative tools in the hands of students.




We're highly experiential and experimental. We put the tools in your hands—professional cameras, mics, whatever you need—so you can make the project you've been dreaming of.

We make content not just for ourselves, but for Consol. Expect to see hype videos premiering at pep rallies and livestreams sharing the excitement of Consol sports with the community. We engage with the campus to bring stories to life and have fun while we're at it!

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