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Competition is fierce, expectations are high, and the pressure is on. But the long practice sessions and exhausting competitions are well worth it when our names are called and our trophies are collected.

Every year, Audio Video Production students travel across the state to compete in a variety of events. Check out our competitions and results below. 
2022 State and District Quiz Bowl Champions


Television Production (TV Pro) - Teams of 2 students produce a 1-minute promotional video for a certain location/event based on a prompt given prior to the contest. They are given approximately 3 hours to film and 3 hours to edit.

Broadcast News - Teams of 4 students write and shoot a 3-minute newscast in an hour and a half. The team consists of 2 anchors, a floor director, and a technical director.

Digital Cinema Production (DCP) - Teams of 2 students produce a 1 1/2 - 3 minute short film based on a given prompt. They are allowed certain amounts of time to plan, film, and edit over the course of 3 days. 

Audio/Radio Production - Teams of 2 students produce a 3-5 minute NPR-style radio spot, including a 30-second commercial, based on prompts given at the time of the contest. They have approximately 8 hours to record and edit.

Photography - Individual students demonstrate a variety of photography skills over the course of a day.

Advertising Design - Individual students demonstrate design skills by recreating logos and making a marketing campaign from a given prompt.

Audio/Video Quiz Bowl - Teams of 7 students, including 2 participating alternates, buzz in to answer questions in a variety of topics about audio and video production, trivia, and current events.

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