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Audio Video Production

AV1 is the transition between introductory classes and professional audio projects and filmmaking. Familiarizing with the Adobe Creative Suite, students master audio, camera, lightning, and editing techniques. They also participate in program-wide events: livestreams, Jungle Jam, and the end-of-year student showcase, Film Fest.

Advanced Audio Video Production
AV2 is the stepping stone to complete mastery of the visual/digital art world. Students gain experience in a range of projects while growing lifelong friendships. This 2-period class houses KTGR, Consol's broadcast journalism program, featuring a variety of news and entertainment content.

Practicum in Audio Video Production

The 2-period capstone class, AV3,

has students apply their skills to the real world. Leading this student-run mentorship program, AV3s wrap up their high school video production careers with their final creative projects. AV3 designs the school-wide Netflix-style TV show, "Tigerland."

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