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Vending the World

A short film by Arjit.

Dream a Little Dream

Directed, written, and edited, by Joe Spelce, Josh Rush, Ana Sevilla, and Steven Cote.

A horror project created for an in class assignment.


Directed, written, and edited by Camille Aucoin, Eric "Slade" Golden, Ryan Jones, Jenna Gonzalez,  and Jackie Mora. Created for a horror project assigned in class.

Reptilian Terror

​A tribute to 50's horror flicks. Written and directed by Adam Garret. 

Can I Check You Out?

​Directed, edited, and written by Liz Williams and Heather Blanton.


​A musical montage created by students in media tech II.


Directed, created, and written by Ana Sevilla and Karly Stavinoha.


An introspective western written and directed by Maurice Vellas.

Lone Man's Folly

Harry Potter Film Fest Intro

AMCHS Media Tech Program Film Fest Introduction.


A comedy classic written by and starring the voices of Zack Brattin.

Faulk's 11 Film Fest Intro

This spinoff of Ocean's 11, is titled Faulk's 11 and embodies the spirit of the original film.

This is a Napoleon Dynamite inspired film festival introduction by our students in the AMCHS Audio/Video Production Program of 2011-2012.

Napoleon Dynamite Film Festival

A brother and sister battle it out in the hilarious spoof on

family relationships.

Sibling Warfare


A young man confronts his past in this western based

on the famous Beatles song.

Rocky Racoon


A student being blackmailed by his teacher is forced to

hire a French assassin to take him down, in this hilarious


The Blackmail Story


A girl thinks she is home alone, but soon discovers

she may have an unexpected visitor.


A man thinks he is alone at home, until a creepy

melody makes him reconsider.

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